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Who We Are
  • Independent
  • Fundamental
  • Baptist (Not Baptistic)
  • King James Version Only
  • Separate
  • Old-Fashioned
  • Missionary (Soulwinning)
  • Pretribulational
  • Premillennial
  • Unaffiliated
  • Non-Charismatic
  • Local, Visible, & New Testament Baptist Church
KJV Under Attack

How Can I Be Saved
This is the best and right question you can ask during your entire but limited life on earth. The following first three points will direct you how to be saved in the Lord Jesus Christ. These points are very important and need to be followed carefully. The last three points are instructions for you to demonstrate your obedience and love for the Lord Jesus Christ after you are saved. Do you want to be saved? [ More.. ]
Baptist Distinctives
True Baptists adhere to:

  • B - Biblical Authority
  • A - Autonomy of the Local Church
  • P - Priesthood of the Believers
  • T - Two Ordinances of the Church
  •  I - Individual Soul Liberty
  • S - Saved and Baptized Church Membership
  • T - Two Offices of the Church
  • S - Separation of Church and State